Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Deborah Stanish

Verity! LogoDeborah Stanish is a Philadelphia-area writer and editor.  She came to Doctor Who in 2005 and has spent countless hours trying to catch up on the 40+ years she missed.  She is the co-editor of the Hugo nominated Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who (2012) with Liz Myles and Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them (2011) with Lynne M. Thomas.  She has had essays published in Chicks Dig Time Lords; Time, Unincorporated Volumes II and III;  Outside In: 160 New Perspectives on 160 Classic Doctor Who Stories by 160 Writers, Famous Monsters of Filmland,  Apex Magazine and The Liverpool University Journal of Science Fiction, Film and Television. She is a regular columnist for Enlightenment, the official ‘zine of the Doctor Who Information Network and the interviewer for Uncanny Magazine.  When not wrangling kids, cats or deadlines she blathers about Doctor Who, Spies and whatever else has captured her fancy that week at

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  1. […] I suppose I should share the details.  The new podcast is called Verity!**  The inestimable Deb Stanish (coeditor of the fantastic Whedonistas! and Chicks Unravel Time) and myself will be joined by a […]

  2. Scott B. said:

    Hello!! Have you heard the Philly-Wizard World news that KAREN GILLAN is going to be there as a guest?!? I think it’s the June 12th weekend!! She’s only doing 3 cities, here, Chicago, and Austin!!!! So EXCITED!!!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      I heard! I love that PhillyCC is really building the DW base. I think Barrowman’s massive lines last year really helped.

  3. Scott B. said:

    Hello again!! It was nice meeting you after the Dr. Who panel, but very surreal for me. You might not think of yourself as a celebrity, but after 40+ podcasts I feel I know you already but aware I am a stranger to you. I’m sure when you have met Dr. Who personalities that you are very familiar with but haven’t met in person before, it’s the same feeling; you are excited to meet them but don’t want to be creepy!! Hahaha! This leads me to a question I wanted to ask, did you get to spend any time hanging out with Matt and Karen?

    I liked the turn out for your panel, but I think John Carpenter might have been speaking at the same time; added with Karen and Mat having paneled earlier, it siphoned off the audience. I know I saw more Who related cosplay and giant TARDIS bags than anything else!

    I wish there was a chance to have more back and forth talk with the audience on the questions asked. For example. what do you think of other Timelords and Ladies coming back as different genders and ethnicities, sort of breaking in fans who think the Doctor can only be a white man? Imagine an Indian woman as the Rani (it makes more cultural sense), and a story (stories) with a female Master practically writes itself!

    My final point is a possible Verity+ topic. Earlier this year there was the list of who would play the Doctor if it were a Hollywood actor; what if the Doctor was always a British woman? The 1st 2 doctors are difficult, but I’d love Jean Marsh as the 3rd Doctor, Joanna Lumley as Five, Joan Collins as Six, Emma Thomson as Eight, Tilda Swinton as Nine, and Helen Mirren as either Twelve or the War Doctor. What do you think?

    Looking forward to the next podcast!! Take care!!

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