Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Katrina Griffiths

katnewprofileKatrina Griffiths is a Canadian punk who found Doctor Who in a very backwards way, through Queer as Folk (US) inspired by the UK version created by Russell T. Davies which then lead to Torchwood. She is attending university part-time to eventually become an astrophysicist, reads and writes a lot of fanfiction (slash & not) in her spare time and has immersed herself in learning Icelandic. Það er ekki auðvelt að læra tungumál! Katrina is not a contrarian no matter how many times other people say she is.

Currently she will talk your ear off about punk rock or Hatari (look ’em up!) and can also be heard on Doctor Who’s Line is it? … Anyway!, a Doctor Who Improv Podcast and her solo podcast Start the Music!

Follow her on tumblr: supershpadoinklewho
Follow Katrina on Twitter: @xanister
Website: Fandom Ponderings

Comments on: "Katrina Griffiths" (3)

  1. I came to Dr Who through a similar pathway! I was a John Barrowman fan (after seeing him with Carol Burnett on Broadway in Stephen Sondheim’s Putting It Together). Started Torchwood when I’d heard he’d be in it, then realized it was a Doctor Who spinoff and backed up. I only discovered the RTD/QaF link years later (though I was already a fan of both the UK and US QaFs).

  2. Sonja said:

    Fanfic! Do you write it and post it or write it and hide it?
    Googling around without satisfaction.


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