Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

L.M. Myles

LM Myles at a panelL.M. Myles is a writer, podcaster, and gamer. She co-edited the Hugo Award nominated anthology Chicks Unravel Time (with Deborah Stanish), and Companion Piece (with Liz Barr). She’s written for Doctor Who in prose and on audio, most recently the title story on the Big Finish release Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories.

Her writing’s been published in Cranky Ladies of History, Chicks Dig Gaming, and Bernice Summerfield: Present Danger, amongst others.

She’s on Youtube, where she posts gaming vids. And on Follow That Trebuchet, she blogs about Doctor Who, gaming, history, SFF, and her other geeky interests.

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  1. […] Liz Myles – lover of Patrick Troughton, coeditor of Chicks Unravel Time, and writer whose work has appeared in places like Reflection’s Edge, Every Day Fiction, and Big Finish’s Doctor Who anthologies […]

  2. […] reminded of a twitter conversation in which my Verity! cohost Liz asked why there were no female minifigs for a certain pirate set. (Yes, there WERE lady pirates […]

  3. […] verities are over the moon about the release of Liz’s Big Finish debut: Breaking Bubbles and Other […]

  4. Scott B. said:

    Hello Ms. Myles!! (That seems like the proper way to address someone I’ve never met but strangely, wrongly, feel I know from listening to this podcast.) We’re having more talk about The Doctor switching gender. Earlier this year, there was a popular – – – conceptual list, what if The Doctor was American. I was thinking, what if the Doctor was always a woman, a proper UK actress woman? I sent a partial list to Ms. Stanish (I sound So Proper, Good Lord!) about 6 months ago, but now I have a ‘new and improved’ (more like revised and updated) list! I think this might be too British for everyone, but I hope you ‘get it’ and like it!

    1st Doctor – – Flora Robson
    2nd Doctor – – Glynis Johns
    3rd Doctor – – Jean Marsh (duh!!)
    4th Doctor – – Felicity Kendall (maybe too young, but would definitely be loved by generations)
    5th Doctor – – Joanna Lumley
    6th Doctor – – Joan Collins (she could pull off wearing that outfit, and imagine her versus the Rani, her sister from Dynasty!)
    7th Doctor – – Vanessa Redgrave
    8th Doctor – – Emma Thomson
    9th Doctor – – Tilda Swinton
    10th Doctor – – Keeley Hawes
    11th Doctor – – Carey Mulligan
    12th Doctor – – Michelle Gomez (again, duh!!)
    and as the War Doctor – – Helen Mirren

    I hope you enjoy reading this! Take care!!

  5. Risa Romano said:

    Hi Liz,

    I was on the Missing Companions panel on Sunday at Gallifrey One. We were all sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well and hope that you’re doing better. And I’d like to thank you on behalf of the Troughton fans for his recurring inclusion in your discussions. I love him dearly and he was my cosplay for that weekend.

  6. […] again! The fab folks at the BBC will send a copy of this fine tome (which features our very own Liz!) to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment below to enter! One comment per person please. The […]

  7. […] verities are over the moon about the release of Liz’s Big Finish debut: Breaking Bubbles and Other […]

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