Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Tansy Rayner Roberts

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Tansy Rayner Roberts is a writer living in Tasmania, Australia. Tansy’s book publications include the Creature Court trilogy, Musketeer Space, Unreal Alchemy, Castle Charming, and more. She also writes crime under the name Livia Day.

Tansy has won two Hugo Awards – Best Fan Writer in 2013 and Best Fancast (Galactic Suburbia) in 2015. Check out the Sheep Might Fly podcast to hear Tansy reading her own stories (and stopping on cliffhangers).

Follow Tansy on Twitter: @tansyrr
Facebook: TansyRRBooks

Comments on: "Tansy Rayner Roberts" (4)

  1. Tansy – were you aware that Douglas Adams’ daughter Polly is a visitor to your shores at the moment? She’s a smart and funny young lady.

  2. Miss Heather from Perth West Australia said:

    Tansy I have just finished 2 of your books which I bought at Easter. I also moved House and lost for 2 1/2 weeks the power cord for my i pad. They were great. Thanks.

  3. Kirsten said:

    I’ve heard you mention essays that you’ve written on multiple episodes of the podcast. Is there a place that I can read any of them? (Some of them sound really interesting!)

    • Thanks, Kirsten! Most of my Doctor Who writing can be found on my blog – (if you go back as far as 2013, I spent the anniversary year writing a weekly post about a different year of the show). I have also written two essays for Mad Norwegian books: my piece on Trial of a Time Lord (with lots of ranting about how Peri was treated) is in Chicks Unravel Time, and my piece on Sara Kingdom is in Companion Piece [these are both amazing books, and well worth getting, full of wonderful essays by so many great writers]. I think I also recently mentioned my essays on Domesticating the Doctor? which are here

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