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Listener Poll – Patreon-Sponsored Commentaries!

Verity Patreon w frame


It’s commentary time again! Who’s excited? We are, that’s who! We are also exceedingly grateful to all our Patreon sponsors who’ve made this possible. We’ve already hit our informal goal of 120 patrons! Thanks so much! So that means we’ll be doing one commentary for sure.

As always, we want your input! We’ve each picked a new Who episode we think would be fun to talk over. Please vote for the one you think would be the most fun to listen to. We’ll keep this poll open for at least two weeks, and we’ll announce the winner here in the comments, on Twitter, and on the show!


And we’re mighty close to our goal for a second commentary (125 patrons), so we’re going to think positive and post the poll for that right now. If/when we hit that, we’ll leave this poll open two more weeks to give everyone ample time to vote. ETA: We’ve hit our secondary goal so this commentary WILL happen! Vote wisely!


So make your selections, and feel free to lobby for your choices in the comments. I have a feeling the Verities won’t hold back!


Listener Poll – Companion Query

Hello good Verity! listeners! As you heard on this week’s ‘cast, you get to help us plan our schedule for the year! What 12 companions would you like to hear us talk about? Please vote! (One time per person please!)

We know some of you will disagree with our selections – after all, even the Verities can’t come to a consensus! But this is the list we’re going with for planning purposes so take a deep breath…and cast your vote. Be bold! Be courageous! Is there a companion you’d like to know more about? An underrated favorite? This is your chance to kick-off a discussion.

We can’t wait to see your selections!