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Dance, Verity! Dance!

As we mentioned in our last episode (That would Episode 41 – The Legend of Sontar: A Linx to the Past in case you were wondering) we issued two challenges to you, dear listeners.

First, we are once again going to attempt a commentary episode. As you heard, we tried this once before and it was Beautiful! Pithy! Incredibly Witty and Intelligent! Sadly, it was also completely unlistenable.

Hey, it happens.

But we are nothing if not intrepid so once more unto the breach!  This time we are turning the reins over to you. We each selected a story that fit within certain parameters (mostly time and accessibility) but we’re letting YOU pick which stories make the cut. We’ll take the two stories with the most votes and do two commentaries, one in the summer and one in the fall, so everyone gets a chance to participate. Without further ado, here is the shortlist:

The Gunfighters
The Visitation
Black Orchid
Paradise Towers
Father’s Day
The Curse of the Black Spot

So, pick your fave (IGNORE ALL INTERNET CAMPAIGNING FROM UNSCRUPULOUS VERITIES) and either leave a comment in the episode comments, in the comments of this post or on Twitter using the hashtag #VerityVotes.

We’re also planning a special “Ask Verity!” episode. This is your chance to ask us, individually or collectively, any (vaguely) Doctor Who/Fannish/Non-Creepy question you’d like! Pitch us your question and we will do our best to answer as many, as truthfully (or at least as entertainingly) as we can. Once again, you can leave a question in the episode comments, in the comments of this post or on Twitter using hashtag #AskVerity.

Drop us a comment/Tweet and watch us dance!





In Defense Of….A Verity! Challenge


Here at Verity! we’re all pretty positive about Doctor Who.  Well, maybe not all of us at the same time but we like to think that’s part of our charm.

Now is your chance to put that theory to the test. Tell us what you think is Just Not Good –  whether it’s a story, an episode, a character, a soundtrack…anything and everything is fair game. We will randomly select a challenge and you get to listen to us dig deep (or not so deep) to defend that thing to the death.  Some choices will be defended very thoughtfully and other choices will be thrown into a hat and we’ll go five rounds rapid.

Can we do it? We have no idea! But my guess is it will hilarious.