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211 – A Good Man Goes to War Games

Join Deb, Kat, and Tansy as they reach waaay back to 2011 to re-examine the story that began (ended? landed the middle? it’s hard to tell with peak S6-Moffat) the whole “The Doctor is the most fearsome thing in the Universe” lark. No, I didn’t misspell “arc”. They dive into tropes, power dynamics, issues of morality, the difficulties of (and sexism surrounding) introducing a baby subplot, and how words and titles have meanings. Oh, and how Regency dress and laser guns really really work for us. AND we announce a 7th Anniversary give-away!

How do you feel about this turn in the Doctor mythos? Did you think this was a satisfactory conclusion to The Mystery of River Song? Do you want Tansy to give you a bespoke Big Finish Rec? Leave us a comment or drop us a tweet and let us know!


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