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Verity! Episode 62 – Live at Chicago TARDIS (The Second Helping)

VerityEpisode62For the second year running, the kind folks at Chicago TARDIS let us do our thing in front of a live audience of Doctor Who fans. Such fun! Join Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we chat about the con and then talk about topics suggested by the audience!

Apologies for the possibly-incomplete show notes this time around. I was on stage and didn’t take my usual copious notes. If we mention something there’s no link for, leave a comment (or tweet us) and we’ll hook you up with some more info!


Big Finish
Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories (by [among others] Liz!)
The Seeds of Doom
Steven from Radio Free Skaro interviewed Billie Piper

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Contest Winners!


Thank you all for entering our first Big Finish contest!  We’re thrilled so many of you listened to the episode, tweeted, commented and were generally enthusiastic about one of our favorite Doctor Who things. Yes, Big Finish is definitely one of our nuggets of Doctor Who delight. 😉

So, without further ado, the winners of our Big Finish Giveaway:

1.  Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories – averypleasantpineapple
2.  The Council of Nicaea – Lesson17
3.  Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: Starborn – Elwyne74 (Elisabeth)

And the Grand Prize Winner of the three audio package:

Topgeargirl12 (Claire Hardiker)

Congratulations to you all! To our winners – please leave a comment to this post and we’ll send you an email with further instructions on how to claim your download. And for all those who didn’t win, please check out Big Finish’s Anniversary Sale for great deals on Doctor Who audios. But be prepared, you won’t be able to stop at just one!


Verity! Extra! – Big Finish Round Table

VerityExtraBFWriters210We at Verity! often jabber on about Big Finish, but this time we thought we’d let some experts do the jabbering for us. Join Deb, Erika, and Liz (who is actually one of the experts in question) as we chat with a couple special guests. Yes, we have not one, not two, but three Big Finish writers in the house! Una McCormack makes an overdue return, and we’re delighted to welcome Caroline Symcox to the podcast!

If you’ve ever been curious about what the Big Finish process is like, this is the Extra! for you. And if you have a favorite BF audio, do tell us in the comments. We’re always all ears for recommendations (and specifically, recs for where to start)!

Also, do you like free stuff? Well, then be sure to enter our Big Finish giveaway! Three people will win download codes for three different stories (Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, The Council of Nicaea, and Starborn [by Jacqueline Rayner]), and a fourth lucky winner will win codes for all three!

Twitter entries are preferred: use “#BreakingBubbles from @bigfinish” to enter! If you’re not on Twitter, we’ll accept comment entries here as well. (No other social media though. Two entry sources are enough to comb through. Wouldn’t want to miss anybody!)


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Verity! Episode 46 – Communication Breakdown

VerityEpisode46-210This week we do lots of talking about villains who don’t. Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we discuss what makes silent villains so creepy and effective. We also discover just how many Moffat-baddies are non-talkers (or mostly non-talkers). And do stick around for a particularly interesting tangent about gender roles and power dynamics in communication. This Verity! ep gets positively analytical! Almost scholarly! Almost.

And of course, let us know who your favorite quiet killers are–or weigh in on the deeper debate about communication in general. Or both!


Also covered:

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Paul Spragg (1975-2014)

Hi all.

Those of us here at Verity! wanted to take a moment to note the recent passing of Paul Spragg, a truly lovely man and hilarious podcaster from the Big Finish team. Paul was only 38 when he died unexpectedly after a short illness, devastating those who knew him. Tom Spilsbury, editor of Doctor Who Magazine, wrote about his friend here, and Paul’s brother Nick also blogged about Paul, and the family’s loss.

Nicholas Briggs, the executive producer of Big Finish, tweeted this:

To the many who say you felt you knew Paul Spragg through podcasts and emails, even tho you never meet him. You did know him. You did. 🙂

Which made me feel better, frankly, about being so sad about the loss a person I only corresponded with a few times – listening to a podcast really does make you feel like you know someone more than any other kind of internet knowing. I had the odd experience of listening to the new Charlotte Pollard adventures straight after Paul’s death, and hearing him pop up in the extras, interviewing the actors, laughing and completely in love with his job. It was a nice way to say goodbye, and I highly recommend making the time to listen to these – though of course you can find the joyful voice of Paul on nearly all of the Big Finish podcasts, and here and there across the documentaries on their audio range.

There is a charity fundraiser going at the moment in Paul’s honour, for those who would like to donate to the Heart Foundation. They have already raised more than £3000 and continue on towards the £5000 goal.

Our thoughts and wishes are with Paul Spragg’s family and friends at this difficult time. He will be missed.


Verity! Extra! – Stuff We Like!

VerityExtraStuffWeLike-300PLEASE NOTE: We recorded this Extra! before we heard the official news that “some” previously-missing Doctor Who episodes had been returned. Believe that we all like that very much indeed!

This week’s Extra! is all about happiness! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we do an extended version of what’s caught our attention and made us happy about Doctor Who as of late. From oft-maligned stories to oft-praised podcasts, from charity events to fan-fic, we bring our darlings to the table and have a good squee.






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Verity! Extra! – Una McCormack

VerityExtraUna-300This week’s Extra! brings another interview–this time with one of the female creators involved in the Doctor Who universe, Una McCormack! Una is most definitely One Of Us–a fascinating fangirl with loads of talent to accompany her deep love for Doctor Who. Join Deb as she chats with Una about writing DW novels, writing for Big Finish, being a fangirl, and even a bit about Star Trek and Blake’s 7! And be sure to check out Una’s work and online presence:

@unamccormack on Twitter
Una’s blog
Una’s post about female creators
Preorder The Crimson Shadow
Order Una’s books from Amazon
Big Finish – Gallifrey
Big Finish – Blake’s 7
Archive of Our Own (fanfic site)


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