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Do Some EXTRA Good by Joining the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps!


Want to join the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps? With a name like that, who wouldn’t? The Space Unicorn Ranger Corps is what Uncanny Magazine calls their supporters. And right now, you can do a little extra good when you help out.

TheĀ Uncanny Magazine Year Two Kickstarter is in full swing! Lynne and her husband Michael are setting out to fund a second year of amazing SFF fiction, poetry, nonfiction, interviews, and art. In addition, this year’s Kickstarter includes money in the budget to actually pay the editors for the first time. That’s right, Lynne and Michael did all that hard work on Uncanny Year One without paying themselves. Their modest Year Two editorial fee will go towards expenses including care for their daughter, Caitlin, who has Aicardi syndrome–a rare congenital disorder with significant medical problems and developmental delays.


Verity! listener Bliss has offered to match $12 for the first 24 fellow Verity! listeners who contribute (at least) that much to the Kickstarter. She’s touched by how much Lynne and Michael do for the SFF/geek/fandom community and wants to say thank you. Especially since everything they do comes on top of taking care of Caitlin. If you’re a regular listener you know Caitlin is a fellow Doctor Who fan and has special healthcare needs. So anything we do to help Lynne and Michael helps our fellow fangirl!

In Bliss’ words, “I’m sure that caring for Caitlin is something any decent parent would put everything into, but to take care of the rest of us – nameless faceless fans out there, well, that is truly amazing.” We here at Verity! couldn’t agree more. We also can’t thank Bliss enough for this incredibly generous proposal.


After you’ve pledged to the Kickstarter, forward your confirmation email to We’ll keep track and let Bliss know how many people have taken her up on her incredibly generous offer! She’ll increase her own Uncanny pledge by $12 for each of the first 24 Verity! fans to chip in starting today!

Remember, you have to pledge at least $12 to qualify. That puts you in the GIVE IT A GO reward category, which gets you an eBook copy (MOBI, PDF, EPUB) of Uncanny issues 7 and 8, with your name listed in issue 7, PLUS a copy of Year One’s issues 2 & 5! However…


You can always pledge more to get some other fabulous rewards! If you pledge at the $50 level, you’ll have access to A Very Special Verity! Multifandom Podcast Mashup episode featuring special guest appearances by members of the Radio Free Skaro and Down and Safe podcasts! (At $150, you can even tell us all what to talk about! *gasp*) For $100, you can join a live Skype/Google Hangout with Lynne and Erika, with spouses Michael and Steven, to pick our brains about podcasting! (And there are LOTS more great rewards including art and jewelry and books and meals and the list goes on…)


If you’ve already pledged to the Kickstarter, thank you! We’re thrilled you’ve contributed! But we want to motivate even more folks to join the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps, so this offer is open to the following:

  • New backers starting today (pledging at least $12)
  • Current backers who increase their original pledge by at least $12

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. And keep spreading the word about Uncanny!