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192 – Verity Podcast and the Silurians

We’re beginning our 7&7 dive into season 7 — the 3rd Doctor’s first season! We already covered “Spearhead from Space” back in ep 116, so it’s time for some Silurians. Join Erika, Katrina, and Lizbeth as we talk about Jon Pertwee’s Doctor; Liz Shaw’s clothing; the relationships between the Doc, Liz, and the Brig; and the ethics of destroying a bunch of sleeping reptiles.

What are your thoughts on this story? And do you know where to find any clothing like Liz Shaw’s? Let us know in the comments!


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Who & Me: A Memoir by Barry Letts, Producer of Doctor Who from 1969-1974
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116 – Spearheading a New Era


Once again we dip into Classic Who with an episode steeped in firsts. Join Deb, Erika, Kat and Tansy as they revisit “Spearhead From Space” and talk about the first Third Doctor story, the first Liz Shaw story, the first Doctor Who in color and more! Listen as Deb and Tansy squee, Erika (shockingly) discovers that she actually likes a Pertwee story and Kat being amused at the mayhem.

How does “Spearhead from Space” fare in your Classic Who rankings? Do you feel this is a good jumping off point for Classic Who or do you think this story is an outlier. Can you identify Mr. Seely’s accent and WHAT is up with those tan lines?

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


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