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Paul Spragg (1975-2014)

Hi all.

Those of us here at Verity! wanted to take a moment to note the recent passing of Paul Spragg, a truly lovely man and hilarious podcaster from the Big Finish team. Paul was only 38 when he died unexpectedly after a short illness, devastating those who knew him. Tom Spilsbury, editor of Doctor Who Magazine, wrote about his friend here, and Paul’s brother Nick also blogged about Paul, and the family’s loss.

Nicholas Briggs, the executive producer of Big Finish, tweeted this:

To the many who say you felt you knew Paul Spragg through podcasts and emails, even tho you never meet him. You did know him. You did. 🙂

Which made me feel better, frankly, about being so sad about the loss a person I only corresponded with a few times – listening to a podcast really does make you feel like you know someone more than any other kind of internet knowing. I had the odd experience of listening to the new Charlotte Pollard adventures straight after Paul’s death, and hearing him pop up in the extras, interviewing the actors, laughing and completely in love with his job. It was a nice way to say goodbye, and I highly recommend making the time to listen to these – though of course you can find the joyful voice of Paul on nearly all of the Big Finish podcasts, and here and there across the documentaries on their audio range.

There is a charity fundraiser going at the moment in Paul’s honour, for those who would like to donate to the Heart Foundation. They have already raised more than £3000 and continue on towards the £5000 goal.

Our thoughts and wishes are with Paul Spragg’s family and friends at this difficult time. He will be missed.