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191 – A Town Called Mercy Moseys

We’re back to series 7A! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we try to stay awake and chat about “A Town Called Mercy”. Are we tired because this story moves a bit slowly? No. But that didn’t help.

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Jennifer Adams Kelly, we miss you
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Verity! Episode 7 – Tapas

VerityEpisode7-300With new episodes of Doctor Who on the horizon, Deb, Erika, Kat, and Tansy take some time to reminisce about series 7a and speculate about series 7b (not to be confused with serial codes 7A and 7B from “Trial of a Time Lord”). We also discuss costuming, cosplay, the rarity (or not) of watching Doctor Who in order, Big Finish audios, and perhaps most importantly, tapas.

Resources for watching Doctor Who in order:
WHO-50 (Tansy’s Doctor Who blogging project)
The Chronic Hysteresis
Running Through Corridors
Adventures with the Wife in Space
(This is a non-comprehensive list! Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments.)


Also covered:
Doctor Who Yahtzee!
Prisoners of Time!
Doctor Who Magazine Jon Pertwee Interview!
Big Finish Sixth Doctor audios!  (The Marian Conspiracy)

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