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Eight – Not Enough

In this week’s “Reference Acknowledged”, Deb, Kat, and Lynne discuss the Eighth Doctor’s impact on fandom, how and why he was brought into “canon”, and the importance of naming Big Finish Companions during “The Night of the Doctor.” Thanks to Christian Smith for this week’s topic suggestion. We are ALWAYS happy to talk about the Eighth Doctor!

This week’s “year of…” title credited to Trevor S!

As a reminder, many Big Finish titles are available on streaming service so if you’re curious and want to check them out (and we suggest you do!), a quick search may grab you free Big Finish content. Warning: Big Finish is highly addictive and may result in you purchasing many many more titles but we don’t see this as a bad thing!

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Extra! – Paul McGann in Velvet

VerityExtraTVMIt’s another rare recorded-in-person Verity! It’s also an even-rarer commentary track! Join Deb and Lynne as they wind down from Uncanny Cabin shenanigans and settle in to watch the Paul McGann TV movie from 1996. With cocktails, natch. It’s as much fun as you’d expect!


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